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There are no rules. When you put boundaries on yourself, your putting boundaries on where you could go creatively. You will know the clients that want safe and the clients that are willing to try anything.

What is your current job title? Interactive Designer at DEG

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Make-Up Artist

How do you get unstuck creatively? I have to disconnect. Get off the computer and leave. Go for a walk, watch funny videos or gifs, watch some pro-wrestling (my ultimate fave thing to do!), take a break, breathe, sketch and then get back to work! Usually by that point, I have a new idea that I am ready to proceed. A lot of people find Pinterest helpful, but it often makes me doubt myself, and I try to mimic other designs, instead of focusing on my own creativeness.

Tell me about a project you've completed that has made you the most proud? Helzberg. Helzberg. Helzberg. This project has given me so much confidence in building myself as a designer, which is always a win-win situation. I had to be super flexible with this job. Not only did it land in my hands unexpectedly, I have never worked on an account needing custom photography. I basically had to learn everything from the ground up, and have learned so much about jewelry photography, tip and tricks, visual concepts, background, EVERYTHING! Plus you have to think about how this photography is going to work into the website, and social media campaigns. Planning is key!

What’s the best way to deal with a difficult client?

This is always a tough and sensitive situation. Typically I start by really listening to where things seem to be getting lost or confusing to the client. I try to put myself in their shoes. Re-wording what you are recommending to make it sound like it was their idea always helps. You should always stick to you guns. Have things you will give on, but YOU are the professional and are here to help them make their product or services amazing. Help them understand how it would benefit them. A lot of the time, investing a little more time with difficult clients will pay off largely in the end. I almost always find myself doing two versions; one version showing what they are requesting and a second showing them your version and how it will benefit not only them but their clientele as well. They usually end up liking my versions in the end.

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Vision of Love by Mariah Carrey , actually anything by Mariah. She’s my girl!
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Your specialty is web design, what client do you most enjoy working for? Crocs!... you know those clog things? They have super fun branding full of bright colors and great photography. They give us a lot of creative freedom and are excited about all our ideas. They have a fun team that is easy-going and open- minded. They look at us like teachers and like to learn from the DEG crew. This is a fun relationship to have with clients.

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Who are some of your design heroes?

Tibor. I love his designs. He is all about concept behind the designs, and I respect that. It isn’t just something thrown together, it’s well thought out. Plus, he is a rule breaker. I love fellow rule breakers.

What are a few sites you admire and why?

Can I think about this and get back to you? Need to follow up on this one.

What makes a great work environment for you?

I am not a fancy person, so I work best in relaxed casual relaxed environment. I have fun co-workers, and we are a big family. Being able to wear comfortable clothes is a MUST. Music is a close second, and booze! We have a fridge full of beer, so if you ever are having “that” day you can go grab a cold one.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Ohhhh! Definitely a blueish teal ... I think I would call it tugboat.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that I would learn from your co-workers?

That I have severe ADD. I also randomly make sounds throughout the day. Clicking noises, yelps, EEEEEEK. It probably startles a lot of people, and gets a lot of laughs.

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer (straight for the kill or researching to know what you are getting into)?

Gather!!! I research things to death.

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

Vision of Love by Mariah Carrey , actually anything by Mariah. She’s my girl!

Favorite DEG annual gathering?

Holiday party! It is always held at a different place. You basically can make it what you want. We are allowed to dress up or come casual. It doesn’t matter and they don’t put the emphasis on appearance, only on having an amazing time! There are casino games, dancing, booze, and (my favorite) a year end video that recaps our whole year internal at DEG. The videos can be hilarious.

Second favorite event is Treads and Threads and third is Hilloween. We do work for these two events and often get free tickets as a ‘Thank You’.

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Interview by Chelsi Hornbaker