An abstract digital painting by Elisabeth Nord

Designer. Painter. Teacher.
All Around Freaking Awesome.

I met Liz at Café Tempo on campus. She agreed to meet up and talk about her career. Initially I met Elisabeth Nord, AKA Liz, as a professor, when I took her InDesign 1 course. Later followed by InDesign 2 & 3. A wonderfully helpful instructor and a terrific designer, Liz encourages use of every effective shortcut she knows, and passes them on to her students. We met for the interview in between her day job and one of the InDesign class she teaches.

She describes herself as “eager to learn, plan, implement and get creative. I explore line, shape, texture and color in my abstract paintings.” Her digital illustrations are bright, crisp and combine her love for intense color with hard lines to create interpretations of living beings.

What is your degree? From where?

“Kansas city Art Institute, Bachelors of Fine arts. And currently enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design, Masters of Fine Arts”

What was your college job?

“I worked for the Friends of Chamber Music.”

My favorite color is Rhodamine Red! But I've never been able to work it into a design.
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Where do you work ? What do you design?

I work at the Kansas City Symphony, and I design the programs for the performances, as well as some static graphics for the KC Symphony website. I work in the marketing department of the symphony. As well as an Adjunct Professor here at JCCC, and as an instructor at the Kansas City Art Institute, in the continuing and professional Studies Department.

Symphony Promotional Poster for Did You Know performance
Symphony Promotional Poster for The Phantom of the Opera movie
Symphony Promotional Poster for Indiana Jones movie
Symphony Promotional Poster for a Boyz II men Concert

Who inspires you? Why?

“Glenn Spillman: My father was a fine artist. My parents’ house is full of all of his work. Always inspired me to be creative. William deKooning: His expressive methods and his abstract, unstructured style, and use of color. Roger Shimomura: He was in one of the internment camps during WWII. He has pieces at the Kemper. He has also had pieces on display here at the Nerman. Fantastic skill with a brush. Leo Villareal: He merges technology with art, and I find that fascinating. He actually did the lighting piece out on the ceiling by the front door of the Nerman.”

What else inspires you?

My love for bugs, spring, gardens, reptiles, aquatics and humans serve as my inspiration.

A vibrant painting by Elisabeth Nord

What has been your favorite project, academically or professionally?

“A collaboration with a poet, Delania Miller. She will write a poem and I will paint a piece trying to respond with how I interpret her words. Sometimes I paint a piece and tell her the title of it and she writes a poem based on that.” This exhibit was most recently on show in a Pop-Up exhibition at Wheat Photo Studio in the Kansas City Crossroads arts community.

Do you show her the pieces too? Or just the title?

“Sometimes I do, sometimes not.”

A vibrant painting by Elisabeth Nord

What do you do in your spare time?

“I served on the Lee’s Summit Arts Council from 2008-2012, as vice-chair in 2010 and chair from 2011 through the rest of my time there.” She was also instrumental at the onset of implementing the Cultural Arts Plan, served on the Lee’s Summit Mayor’s Cultural Arts Task Force in 2012, and served as a member of the Gamber Center Selection Committee for quarterly art exhibits. She has mentored high-school students at the Blue Valley Caps Program and is currently seeking out opportunities with the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Kansas City Chapter.

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